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Screenshot Pro
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Screenshot Pro


Screenshot Pro Mod APK is an automatic trimming app published by HDM Dev Team that captures screenshots with high speed and efficiency, is optimal for consecutive captures, and meets all the needs of the player in the best way. Typically, users can comfortably take continuous shots to get the best out of their photos. Download Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK on Moddroid to access premium features right now.



Key Features of Screenshot Pro

Cut status bar area It can automatically cuts the status bar area.

Cut navigation bar area It can automatically cuts the navigation bar area.

Capture Animation It can capture animation on or off.

Overlay shutter button It is easy to move overlay shutter button.

Notification icons This is a notification bar icon display function. From where you are able to take screenshots and view screenshots.

Show preview After taking a screenshot, a reduced version of the screenshot is displayed on the screen.

Small button By setting this unobtrusive button to always display, you can instantly call up the shutter button any time you want to take a screenshot. This tiny feature is very handy for people who take screenshots frequently.

Create a shortcut You can also create a shortcut to access the shutter button with just one tap. It makes things easier.

Save location It is a modifiable save folder.

Cloud upload It helps automatically uploads a copy of your new screenshot to the cloud.

Latest screenshot When you take a screenshot, and the screenshot will be displayed here, it helps you access the most recent screenshots you take.





Take Perfect Screenshot with Screenshot Pro Mod APK 

If you are a fan of photography, this app is worth a try. You can capture moments in succession, then filter and select the photos that best suit you. In addition, you can easily record some of the exciting and engaging videos that posted on social media channels such as YouTube.


With Screenshot Pro, users can take continuous photos freely and comfortably, and can adjust the area on the status bar to get the most accurate angle. What's more, you can choose whether to take screenshots continuously and automatically based on individual's preferences. Adjust the shooting direction to match the focus, and you can adjust the brightness to best suit you to create perfect and great screenshots for yourself.



Quickly Check Your Photos & Edit As You Like 

After a complex and delicate photographic process, you can go into the gallery and check the results. Conveniently, a preview of each image you have just taken is displayed. Of course you can edit all of these images, such as delete unimportant parts of the picture. If you want to highlight something, select a unique display and they will become prominent and the surrounding elements will become blurred. When you need to add something, use a paintbrush to write or draw on the photo. Or insert stickers to make them easier to represent. When you need to merge multiple images, you need to select the photos you want to merge. Add them to the location where you want to graft and you're done.



Fast Cloud Storage 

When you're done taking screenshots, they are immediately saved to the cloud storage application. If you already have a link to DropBox or Google Drive on your smartphone, the photos will be transferred there immediately. So if you accidentally delete your photos from outside the gallery, there is no need to worry because they are still on your phone. Thanks to the links to the two cloud apps mentioned above, sharing photos will be a basic feature. Just click and share and you will receive them through many different social networks.


Customize Your "Artwork" 

One of the most popular features of Screenshot Pro is its continuous mode, which allows you to take 5, 10 or 15 screenshots at the same time. Choose to show a preview so that it is not included in the gallery immediately after taking the picture. You can now choose to edit it directly and then save it.The unique feature that Screenshot Pro offers is the ability to capture animations. It takes multiple photos together to create exciting action.


How to download Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK on 

Typically, it takes 4 steps to install App Mod APK files like Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK for your Android mobile phone on Moddroid.


STEP1: Download Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK 2022 latest version on Moddroid. After clicking the download button, your download will start in a few seconds.

STEP2: After downloading the APK file, go to the file manager and open the downloaded Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK file. If this is the first time you have installed this app from the file manager then you might allow some permissions.

STEP3: Allow all required permissions by clicking on the "Settings" option, you might have to enable "unknown resources" o your phone can install apps from sources other than Google Play.

STEP4: After allowing all permissions, press the back button and try to install the APK file. This time, it will install without any errors. You can then launch and enjoy your screenshot journey.


Please note that before installing this Screenshot Pro v4.3.2 Mod APK version, you have to uninstall any previously installed versions of Screenshot Pro. Otherwise, some installation failure errors may occur.



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Скачать APK (7.08MB)
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